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tanja martinic

20 Nov 2018

I totally agree that singles should be allowed to use a surrogate.
I'm a single female and have tried to have a child via ivf. Unfortunately due to medical issues with my uterus I am unable to carry a child. I had to resort to going interstate to find a surrogate, where the laws don't discriminate against singles. I live in south australia, and it would have been much better to have a surrogate in the same state that I could support and possibly continue a relationship with the child into the future.
I also believe that a surrogate should be able to carry a child for another family - regardless of whether it is conceived of the intended parents genetic material.
Many people are going overseas to seek treatment with either donated eggs, sperm or embyros - whereas this should be an option that is available in australia as well.
The fact that there is so much variation in laws between states in australia has made this process for me personally extremely difficult as I had a situation where 3 states were involved and we couldn't come to the right arrangements.

Please please, change the laws - as my first daughter would really love a sibling that we could be in contact with their surrogate mother in South Australia

Government Agency

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20 Nov 2018

Thank you for sharing your story Tanja.
We value hearing about your first-hand experience of the surrogacy process in South Australia.
The government is committed to modernising current surrogacy provisions and your comments will be used to shape the new Surrogacy Bill.