Introduced animals

Do you think there are other areas that should be considered in the management of introduced animals that are not yet established in South Australia?

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Government Agency

Biosecurity SA

15 Apr 2019

Thank you Liz for your concern regarding pest animals. PIRSA recognise that feral deer and rabbits continue to impact our environment and economy. In response, we have recently appointed a Deer Control Coordinator and a Rabbit Control Coordinator to support community groups in the control of these pest animals in South Australia.

The coordinators have been in discussion with staff from the Adelaide and Mount Lofty Natural Resources Management office.

For rabbits - there are plans to support some established, coordinated, central hills rabbit control groups and we are looking at some strategic sites for a RHDV K5 release.

For deer - PIRSA has just released a new feral deer policy which includes the requirement for land managers to destroy all feral deer on their properties and prohibits the movement, possession or sale. The new policy can be read on our PIRSA website.
We also encourage you to report deer sightings via FeralScan ( and to contact your local NRM office for further advice.

If you would like to talk to our coordinators, please contact us on


12 Apr 2019

Concerned re numbers of rabbits and feral deer seen on Pengana Spur/Winter Track loop early in mornings.