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This online engagement was hosted on YourSAy from 14 October to 25 November 2019. Below is a record of the engagement.


Help us reduce bushfire risk on the Lower Eyre Peninsula and tell us what you think of the draft Lower Eyre Peninsula Bushfire Management Area Plan.

What is being decided?

The Lower Eyre Peninsula Bushfire Management Area Plan (BMAP) identifies communities, facilities, infrastructure and environmental assets at risk from bushfire. The BMAP allows the Bushfire Management Committee to assess the bushfire risks across the region and determine appropriate prevention strategies to reduce those risks.

The Lower Eyre Peninsula BMAP comprises three parts:

  • A pdf document Draft Bushfire Management Area Plan - outlining the planning process, content and other relevant information
  • An interactive web-based map that identifies assets and their risk levels, and includes pop-up tables of information for each asset
  • A spreadsheet Asset Treatment List containing a list of all BMAP assets, their risk rating and activities to help mitigate the risks.

All documents can be viewed on the LEP BMAP webpage.

This is the four-yearly review of this plan and many meetings with key stakeholders and government agencies have been undertaken to add, revise and correct information, however we would like to hear from all members of the public impacted by this plan.

Get involved

Learn more about the Lower Eyre Peninsula Bushfire Management Area Plan and view the FAQs

CFS Bushfire Management Planning Unit
Postal PO Box 2468

All submissions will be publicly available to anyone who requests a copy. Please let us know if you don't want your input on the public record.

How can your input influence the decision?

Community input will assist the Bushfire Management Committee members to finalise the BMAP. Your feedback will help improve bushfire safety across the Lower Eyre Peninsula.

What are the next steps?

Written responses will be provided to those who make a submission and all feedback will be considered and if appropriate, incorporated into the LEP BMAP.

The final Draft will be submitted to the State Bushfire Coordination Committee to be formally approved. The approved LEP BMAP will be published on the CFS website.

The Bushfire Management Committee will then work with government agencies to implement the treatment strategies.


For more information about the bushfire management planning process:

Closing date: 5pm, Monday 25 November 2019


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