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We want to hear your ideas and suggestions on how you think we can reduce reoffending by 10% by 2020.

Reducing Reoffending strategy overview

The State Government’s public safety and community protection focus has contributed to escalating demand on custodial correctional services over the past decade. 

Since 2006, there has been growth in prisoner numbers nationwide. South Australia has experienced a 86.5% increase in prisoner numbers over this period.  The Northern Territory is the only jurisdiction to experience faster growth.

Repeat offenders are responsible for a large proportion of SA crime with nearly three quarters of those currently in custody having experienced a previous period of incarceration.

This imposes high social costs to the community and places a substantial burden on the broader criminal justice system. Additionally, like many jurisdictions across the nation, South Australia sees a significant overrepresentation of Aboriginal people in the criminal justice system.

The Government's ‘Reducing Reoffending’ target will seek to reduce reoffending by 10% by 2020 (10 by 20) (PDF, 590KB). 

The strategy

A reduction in the rate of reoffending in South Australia will create a safer community with less victims, less crime, and less money spent by taxpayers on prisons.

Learn more about the Strategy here (PDF, 590KB).

Why is the strategy important?

International evidence is proving that high rates of incarceration do not work and that there are better ways to punish and reintegrate people back into society following periods of incarceration.

It costs South Australians $70,000 - $100,000 per year, for each high security prisoner. All but a very small number of those currently in prison will one day return to the community, a community in which we all live. We need to do a better job of ensuring that when they do, they choose a positive path and don't reoffend.

Currently, nearly half of those that leave our prisons will return to Correctional Services.

We need to reduce this rate in the interest of community safety.

How do we make this happen?

At the core of the Government's ‘Reducing Reoffending’ strategy is the establishment of a Strategic Policy Panel.

The Panel will focus on how to rehabilitate inmates instead of merely locking them up. It will be the job of the panel to drive change, promote innovation. Download the Terms of Reference (PDF, 43KB).

The panel will consult and advise on the programs and policies that will deliver the target, and an accompanying public education and communication campaign to raise awareness of the public value of pursuing the strategy. 

How can your input influence the strategy?

This 10 by 20 space provides you with an opportunity to provide feedback directly to the Panel - you can provide your suggestions on how we meet our reoffending target in two ways:

  1. You can join the online discussion and provide your ideas and suggestions on how we can meet the target - this feedback will be provided to the Panel.
  2. You can also send in your ideas and suggestions to the Department for Correctional Services via email:

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