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The criminal justice system serves the community of South Australia. What's it all about?

The community has the right to expect a criminal justice system that is just and fair, people-focussed, visible and accessible, and that operates efficiently and effectively.  The purpose of the Strategic Overview is to begin a conversation with you, as a member of the community, and the legal profession about the operation of the criminal justice system as a whole, and to consider what improvements can be made. 

A shared vision

For reform to be successful, the community and all organisations and agencies across the criminal justice sector need to have a shared vision, commitment and a common purpose.  The sector needs to work together to develop this shared vision.  The South Australian Government is committed to bringing together the agencies and organisations that make up the criminal justice system and to engaging with the broader community sector to create this shared vision. 

Getting involved

We want your feedback on whether some individuals, who would otherwise be sentenced to imprisonment, could be punished and rehabilitated in other ways following a proper risk assessment. 

The South Australian Attorney-General has released the next Transforming Criminal Justice: Putting People First Discussion Paper on Better Sentencing Options: Creating the Best Outcomes for Our Community.

Better Sentencing Options considers what the appropriate consequences are for offenders who commit crimes, and how best the community can be served through sentencing.

The Paper emphasises that community protection must remain the primary objective, and that community safety is enhanced when the rate at which people commit crimes is reduced.

To have your say:

This consultation will remain open until 29 August 2015.

You may like to download the Transforming Criminal Justice Strategic Overview (PDF 3MB) document to gain a deeper understanding of the current issues and challenges in the criminal justice sector.

Register your interest ( to receive information about each of the future Transforming Criminal Justice consultations which will occur throughout 2015, and provide your views as the Government puts bold and brave ideas for proposed reform to the community, the legal profession and the criminal justice sector.

*Important information about your submission: 

If you do not want the public to read your answers, please write “confidential” on your submission. Please be aware that unless you write “confidential” on your submission it should be expected to be made public. If someone asks for your answers through the Freedom of Information Act process, and if you have told us your answers are confidential, we will contact you and explain what is happening. However, we have to follow the law. Even if your answers are confidential, we may still have to let someone read your confidential answers, if they ask for them through the Freedom of Information Act process.