Thank you to everyone who lodged a submission. The public consultation period has now closed.

Over the past few months we have requested your feedback about the future of the Wharf and Groyne at Port Stanvac based upon a range of criteria including:

  • potential future use of the site including potential recreational and economic activities
  • ownership of site including construction and maintenance
  • public safety and public liability issues
  • infrastructure needed to support the use of, and access to the Port Stanvac Wharf and Groyne
  • access to the Wharf and Groyne.

To inform future decisions on the Wharf and Groyne, the State Government commissioned consulting engineers Arup to provide advice on the structures.  This report (PDF. 874KB) provides an assessment of the existing marine structures and their likely fitness for potential future uses.

You can find out more about this consultation here (PDF. 54KB)

To view the media release click here (PDF. 17KB).

Submissions are now being reviewed to assist State Government consideration of future uses of the Port Stanvac wharf.