Rewriting the Stamp Duties Act 1923 - Update

9 October 2019

Summary of Findings

The first round of external consultation closed on 26 July 2019. We received feedback and submissions from 13 individuals and groups, representing various industries and the general public. There were 400 views of the YourSAy engagement and the discussion paper was downloaded 60 times.
The following chart displays the key themes for review received through the external consultation:
The main themes raised through the feedback on Stamp Duty included:
  • Clarity around the treatment of certain transactions and definitions;
  • Creating consistency with other jurisdictions in the way stamp duty is charged and administered;
  • Removing obsolete provisions.
There were also a number of matters raised which would require a change in stamp duty policy. These
matters will be subject to further analysis and consideration.
For more information, see the full summary of feedback.