In 2018, the State Government committed to ensuring that all school students have fair access to school buses in regional South Australia, based on the principle that regional students should have reasonable access to transport as they do in the city.

The current school transport policy offers school bus access to government and non-government school students who meet specific eligibility criteria. Currently more than 430 school bus routes provide transport for students across regional South Australia and approximately 14,600 students use these services. These services are currently overseen by the Department for Education.

As part of this review we are currently meeting with key stakeholders from both government and non-government sectors to discuss how these potential changes might affect them.

To help us with this review we want to hear from parents/caregivers of students and the broader community in regional South Australia about:

  • options and implications to ensure all school students in regional South Australia have a place on the school bus
  • implications if existing government school buses start making stops at non-government schools on their current route and outside of their route
  • options and implications for school buses to be available for community purposes
  • transferring government school bus responsibility from the Department for Education to the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure to make services more effective and efficient.

Read the Review of School Bus Services Terms of Reference(Opens in a new window) and the SA School Transport Policy(Opens in a new window).



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