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This online engagement was hosted on YourSAy from 23 May 2019 to 26 July 2019. Find out more about the consultation process. Below is a record of this engagement.


In its present state, South Australia lacks regional areas with a population of sufficient size and diversity necessary to support diverse economies.

Population growth is widely acknowledged as a key ingredient for economic growth, and is often coupled with higher levels of services and enhanced liveability. Having regions with diverse economies also promotes strength and resilience and the capacity to generate growth from within.

The Government of South Australia is committed to recharging our regions to ensure they can continue to contribute to the economic growth and future prosperity of our state as a whole. One action identified to facilitate this is the formation of a Regional Development Strategy.

We want to develop a strategy in partnership with private investors and the community, which creates a regional South Australia that attracts people to live, provides businesses and industries to invest in, and provides job opportunities.

The Regional Development Strategy Discussion Paper forms the starting point of this process, supporting conversations with stakeholders and the broader community to inform the Strategy.

With foresight, patience and within the boundaries of available resources, together we want to set the foundations for regional South Australia to thrive.

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