This will be the first of the Bushfire Management Area Plans (BMAPs) to display the risk assessment for environmental assets at risk from bushfire, under the new methodology developed by the Ecological Technical Reference Group (a Working Group of the State Bushfire Coordination Committee).

Bushfire Safer Places

As part of the development of this BMAP communities across the Outback have been assessed for their suitability as Bushfire Safer Places. 

As a result, 14 potential Bushfire Safer Places have been identified.  Strategic firebreaks and tracks around communities in the APY Lands have also been reviewed and can be viewed on the online map.

It's important to understand that BMAPs are directed at Prevention and Preparedness. They do not include bushfire incident or disaster management, response or recovery issues such as what to do during a bushfire or where to get help after a bushfire. These issues are covered in other plans, policies and procedures of government and non-government emergency and community service agencies.



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