The Northern and Yorke NRM Board is currently reviewing its Regional NRM Plan. The Regional NRM Plan 2009-2018 was adopted ten years ago. This review incorporates a comprehensive process to develop a fresh 10 year Strategic Plan and 3 year Business Plan which combine to form the Regional NRM Plan 2018-2028. The plan was prepared on behalf of the Northern and Yorke Natural Resources Management Board under the requirements of Section 75 of the Natural Resources Management Act 2004 (NRM Act).

The Regional NRM Plan has been specifically designed as a collective plan for organisations, businesses, industries, community groups, landholders and individuals in the Northern and Yorke region. This is because managing natural resources is a shared responsibility, and all these groups and people are critical to the success of natural resources management.

The Regional NRM Plan review process started in June 2015 with the release of a concept statement. The board then spent more than a year engaging with the local community, including through stakeholder presentations and workshops, surveys, stakeholder interviews, working groups and existing Community Action Planning programs.

The board has engaged with the community and other key stakeholders to listen to the issues that matter, identify areas for improvement, identify the key threats facing the region and what needs to be done to ensure our natural resources remain healthy and productive for future generations.

The draft Strategic Plan 2018-2028 and draft Business Plan 2018-2021 developed for community and stakeholder review have evolved from years of working with local community members, stakeholders and landowners. The draft Strategic Plan and draft Business Plan combine to form the draft Regional NRM Plan 2018-2028.


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