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What do you think?

If you are aged 18 or more and have a view on late night drinking laws, you now have an opportunity to complete the survey below and tell us what you think of these changes. The survey is for people who go out to licensed venues, live or work near licensed venues, and for anyone else who has a view about the topic.

We are also conducting a separate survey for liquor licensees. If you are a liquor licensee, you will receive a letter from Consumer and Business Services inviting you to participate in a separate online survey.

What is happening?

The State Government is currently reviewing the Late Night Trading and General Codes of Practice under the Liquor Licensing Act 1997. 

The review focuses particularly on the Late Night Code, which was developed in 2012 and 2013 following community concern about a number of late-night, alcohol-fuelled violent incidents in Adelaide.

What is this Late Night Code about?

The Late Night Code applies to most licensed venues open between 3.00am and 7.00am. Its measures include:

  • drink marshals and first aid officers in venues after 12:00am
  • a ban on drinking alcohol on footpaths after 2:00am
  • a ‘lock-out’ which stops people entering or re-entering venues after 3:00am
  • a ban on ‘shooters’, ‘doubles’, ‘laybacks’ and similar types of drink after 4:00am.

Take the survey

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What will be done with my survey answers?

Your answers to the survey questions will be anonymous (no personal information will be collected) and will influence the review’s findings and recommendations.

The final report will include findings from this survey and a range of other sources. The review report will discuss the effectiveness of both codes, whether they are achieving their aims and whether there are any areas for refinement. It will be provided to the Minister for Business Services and Consumers, and tabled in both Houses of Parliament. Politicians from both Houses are likely to read the report, as well as a range of other interested parties.

Further information

The Internal Consultancy Services Group, which is part of the Department of the Premier and Cabinet, is undertaking the review.

Should you require further information on this topic please contact:

Julian Zytnik
Principal Analyst, ICSG
Telephone 8226 2258