South Australia is undergoing the biggest modernisation of its planning system in 20 years. The new Planning, Development and Infrastructure Act 2016 is being progressively introduced to provide a more efficient, responsive and effective planning system for all South Australians.

The draft Regulations and Practice Directions will commence in mid-2019 as part of Phase 1 of a three phase program for the rollout of the new Planning and Design Code (the Code).

The draft Regulations relate to development assessment and set out the details of how applications will be assessed in the new planning system. They cover:

  • Relevant authorities
  • Application time frames
  • Information requirements
  • Public notification
  • Variations
  • Exemptions
  • ePlanning
  • Building matters

Your views on the draft Regulations and Practice Directions will help us build a successful new planning and development system we can all be proud of.

To find out more, read the following documents and resources:

Watch South Australia's New Planning System video to find out more about the core elements of the planning system.

For further information visit the SA Planning Portal.

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