The topic

The most important factor influencing a child’s intellectual and social development is the quality of parenting and care they receive and the quality of the home learning environment.

Through a study we conducted in 2013, we learnt that parents are confused by the mixed messages they receive from professionals about child development. We believe that supporting parents and the wider family to be confident, connected and engaged will allow a shared understanding of how they, in partnership with government services, can play a critical role in safeguarding their children’s welfare and strengthen families.

There is a burning need to deliver good quality information to parents that can be trusted, is helpful and is needed.

How it happened

On the 22 and 31 January 2015 we teamed up digital entrepreneurs with digital users to help discuss, design and deliver (D3) solutions to this challenge.

On 3 February 2015, four teams pitched their digital solutions for the pilot challenge – finding ways to improve access to parenting information.