What We Heard Report released

29 July 2020

The proposed Linear Park (Grange to Semaphore Park) project aims to provide a continuous public cycling and walking link along the Adelaide metropolitan coastline to enhance public use and enjoyment of the coast.

To achieve this, the path must be publicly accessible, suitable for a range of users such as prams, wheelchair users, cyclists, wheeled toys and allow shared use. The project proposes a shared use path of (at least) three metres width constructed of a suitable smooth surface.

It focuses on the 4.8km section of proposed Linear Park or Parks between Grange and Semaphore Park. As the area is divided by the Wara Wayingga-Tennyson Dunes Conservation Reserve, a two stage approach has been adopted for its further investigation and consultation:

  • Stage One (‘North’) - The establishment of a Linear Park between Third Avenue, Semaphore Park to the edge of Wara Wayingga-Tennyson Dunes Conservation Reserve – focus of the recent consultation process which is now closed.
  • Stage Two (‘South’) - The establishment of a Linear Park or parks between the edge of Wara Wayingga-Tennyson Dunes Conservation Reserve to Terminus Street, Grange- this section will be released separately for consultation in the future.

Consultation was undertaken for the proposed Linear Park (Grange to Semaphore Park – Stage 1: North), commencing on Monday 11 May and concluding on Tuesday 9 June.

Information on the proposed linear park (including a copy of the Public Notice) and details on the opportunity to ask further questions and/or provide feedback, were made available on the SA Planning Portal (https://www.saplanningportal.sa.gov.au/have_your_say) and on this website.

A hard copy of the Public Notice was also delivered to the project catchment area. All feedback received via these platforms, including email, phone and post, as outlined in the public notice and in direct response to the public notice, were classified as formal submissions.

All feedback is important to us and will help inform the Minister for Planning’s decision about whether to proceed with the proposed Linear Park (and Coast Park shared-use path within it).

The Minister is currently considering the outcomes of the consultation as part of his decision making process.

For further information refer to the What We Heard Report which was recently released at: www.saplanningportal.sa.gov.au/en/linearpark

The What We Heard Report covers the:

  • engagement process (including who participated)
  • levels of support for the proposed linear park and its design
  • key themes heard from the submissions.

The consultation process, and the project (if approved) is being undertaken by the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (on behalf of the Minister for Planning).

For further information on the proposed project please visit: www.saplanningportal.sa.gov.au/en/linearpark, email: dpti.communityrelations@sa.gov.au or phone 1300 794 880.